Expo (expo://) link stopped working

I am working on an app that requires “deep links”. For some reason exp urls stopped working (it used to open up the expo app and pass the parameters thru to the expo app. Now I just get an error message. I have spent 8 hours trying to debug this/uninstall various programs (expo, Xcode) and clearing our various caches (nom, exp, Xcode).

Prior to the error I installed create-react-native (non expo app) and may have updated Expo app version. How can I get linking to work again. Deep links are critical to my app!

The full link is:

Hi @deevilboy - I’m confused about how you’re getting the popup window from your screenshot. It looks like macOS is trying open the exp:// link, instead of iOS. What method are you using to open your exp:// link?

I was clicking on that link in my Macbook’s “Note” application. I am testing my Expo app on the Expo XDE on my Macbook.

Hi @deevilboy - did this work for you before? Either way, I would recommend using the Notes or Safari apps in your iPhone/iPad simulator to open exp:// deep links, instead. That should work better than your Macbook’s Notes app.

I thought it did but I could be mistaken.

Your solution works though. I’ll just stick to testing deep links on my iPhone (rather than on desktop).

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