Expo Error Screen Visible on Production

Reading Expo’s error handling documentation, it looks like all crashes on production should be handled by automatically reloading the app:

“In Production: If your published app encounters a fatal JS error, Expo will immediately reload your app. If the error happens very quickly after reloading, Expo will show a generic error screen with a button to try manually reloading.”

However, I have users currently testing my published app who are seeing this screen when something fails.


JS errors in my code usually manifest as a failure on the React Native bridge. I’m using the latest SDK (25.0.0), and checking previous topics, it looks like this issue should have been fixed a few iterations ago. What do you suggest doing to hide these errors from users?

Hey @estesjl. The error screen probably showed up after the app crashed multiple times in succession. The initial error screen is a generic error screen with a reload button. There is a button with the title “View details” at the bottom of the generic error screen that leads to the screen you posted as a screenshot. There’s not a way to configure this right now but I agree we might need to allow developers to customize it. What would you prefer happen in this case?

Hi Jesse. So the expected behavior is for the app to restart on crash. Are you saying that the errors happened in such rapid succession that the restart was not able to occur? If this is the case I would prefer the app to force a full restart and allow me to handle the crash reports on my end as I see fit with something like Crashlytics.

To give you more information, this error occurs on an augmented reality view where sensor events are firing at hundreds of times a second. The error is being repeated and causing a crash on each event. Obviously fixing the bug will be the priority, but to cover all bases in the future I would prefer that the app just forced a restart. Does that make sense?

We don’t want the app to get into a state where it is continuously restarting. I think what might be better is to have it just hard crash instead. I agree that’s probably something that should be configurable. I’m not sure we have a feature request open for this yet - could you search Feature Requests | Expo and add a new one if necessary?

Exactly, a hard reset would be a good option to have. I’ll check for the request. Thanks for the help!

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