Expo Error Connecting to Development Environment

i receive an error when making requests in react native.

i am working with web3 and the app seems to work fine on the iPhone simulator on my computer, but it receives the full screen red error message every time i make a request on the actual device using the expo client from the apple app store.

the error i recieve is:

console.error "There was a problem sending log messages to your development environment"

does anyone know what could be causing this? or a possible solution to this problem?



This can happen if there is a connectivity issue between your device and your development computer. It’s unclear what the root issue is here, though, from the message.

what further information would be useful here?

the rest of the error message refers to the ip (sourceURL property) of my laptop, which is also the development environment.

both the laptop and phone are connected to the same home network.

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