expo , error comand expo start

Hello, After installing node and expo I have the working environment working correctly, but when I close the IDE and reopen it and run expo start, my S.O ubuntu 20.04 shows me these messages:

/ my-project $ expo start
Orden «expo» no encontrada. Quizá quiso decir:

la orden «exo» del paquete snap «exoscale-cli (v1.18.0)»
la orden «expn» del paquete deb «sendmail-base (8.15.2-18)»
la orden «expr» del paquete deb «coreutils (8.30-3ubuntu2)»

Consulte «snap info » para ver más versiones.

Could you give me a recommendation to correct the error.
ubuntu 20.04
node -v> v12.18.4
jarn -v> 1.22.5
npm -v> 6.14.6
Thank you!

This means that the shell cannot find the expo command in any of the directories listed in $PATH.
You will need to find where npm installed expo to and make sure that directory is in your PATH.

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After following the recommendation, you can fix it. Thank you!

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