Expo Eject with Separate Bundles / Slugs

Hello all! I have been using Expo for several years with managed workflows but now have a need to eject to a bare workflow for the first time.

Here’s the tricky part: I have a separate bundle ID for my development and production channels (idea being that the testers can install two separate apps that operate in totally disjoint environments). For example, there is com.companyname.app.dev and com.companyname.app. There are separate Expo slugs as well (like app and app-dev). These are declared in my app.config.js and are provided at runtime by an environment variable.

This works fine in the managed workflow, and I can build successfully with either Expo Build or EAS.

However, after running expo eject, I am seeing that the XCode / Android projects generated correspond only to one of the bundles.

Is there a way to link these projects to both of my app bundles or is there a different approach to this problem that I should be taking?