Expo eject missing ios folder

So I ran expo eject it went partially successful. I am missing the ios folder.

Hey @memby, what OS is your computer using? An ios directory will only be created on MacOS or Linux. It can not be created on a Windows machine. expo-cli/platformOptions.ts at d45aa2fd1e567240e833860f00e53c7ec30c6488 · expo/expo-cli · GitHub


thanks for the reply. I previously had windows but I installed ubuntu now. but for some reason when I type command expo start ?(on unejected file) it doesnt work it says command “expo” not found. It was working yesterday. I searched on google on every forums and did almost everything. I have /home/memby/ .npm-global/bin on my path. I reinstalling expo-cli. One more thing npm start works. I am using sdk 40. I want to eject now.

never mind i had 10 sth version of node installed i updated to LTS now and its working. Thanks for nothing tho!

Did you have a file/symlink called expo in that directory, though?

Anyway, the point is moot now. Glad you have it working now.