Expo eject Expo-Push-Notification

Hi I have a project that i’ve made expo eject, in this case it’s native with expo, when preparing the push expo noitification environment if I don’t give a setup of firebase(yarn install, build.gradle changes) returns me error on function registerForPushNotificationsAsync (https://forums.expo.dev/…/default-firebaseapp-is…/41374), the question is: i’m working with socket.io nodejs and mongo must I to use firebase to push notifications? would it be my alternative then to use react-native-push-notification without firebase? my preucupation is the app be much weight/large

Hey @thomasreolon, to handle push notifications with Expo’s module you’ll need to set up FCM as it is used to handle Android delivery. If that’s not an option for you, you’ll want to explore alternative solutions.


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