expo eject - can't build iOS with latest version

Sure. I had an unresolved issue here: Assets not Uploaded on Publish SDK30

I have this problem only on ExpoKit as far as I can tell. And it may be related to my other issue: Include local CSS/JavaScript in WebView, which hasn’t received a response. (Trying to include local JS and CSS in a webview without detaching). It works before I publish, but as soon as I publish I can no longer reach local files in Webview. I was able to solve that by detaching and creating new assets folders in Android Studio and Xcode, but wasn’t a great solution.

I really could use help on the Android asset bundling issue in particular. I’ve lost days trying to get my assets to show up after detaching (works fine before, but am forced to detach because of the other issue I highlighted - getting CSS and JS to load in a Webview)…

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