expo down app and web

Sorry all my prod app and test are down and the website is down:

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


what appen?

Running into the same issue here. Production is still working but my dev environment is down. Can’t log into expo status code 503

is all down:

this is a very important Problem…

Thanks for the report! We’re actively investigating the 503 error. I’ll update here when we know more.

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The real problem are the prod app…

I’m able to launch the app, login, and use the functionality no problem. For IOS and Android. Are you unable to download it from the App Store? Haven’t tested that yet

Edit: it’s okay now

We believe we have remedied the issue and will continue to monitor it. @cwsmobile can you elaborate on what was happening with your production app?

now work all fine before, in prod just, loading… launch app and loading

Like it was stuck loading after you started to launch it? No error screen or anything?

did you guys finish your RCA yet? if not, is there a place where you will publish findings?

exact, no error… nothing just loading

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