Expo doesn't use @react-native-community/x packages?

I need copy AKA clipboard functionality. The React Native docs say the native version is depreciated and you should use the community version:

Ive tried installing it but it didnt work, however the native version does:
yarn add @react-native-community/clipboard

import Clipboard from "@react-native-community/clipboard"; // Doesnt work

import { Clipboard } from "react-native"; // Does work

The error that I get is when you call Clipboard.setString("hello world 1");:

TypeError: null is not an object

I had a similar issue with another community package (sorry I cant remember which one). I couldnt get it to work and a GitHub comment told me to use the native version, and then it was fine.

Does Expo not work with community packages? Or is it in fact using them under the hood? Or do I have some issue with my setup?

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This depends on which module you’re talking about and which SDK version you’re on.

First check the Expo documentation for the SDK version you’re using and the module you’re interested in to see if it says which to use. If it doesn’t say, try the react-native-community version. If that doesn’t work, use the react-native version.

When the next SDK is released, check again if you should switch to the react-native-community version.