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Hey there,

Been using Expo on several production projects and have been really enjoying using the new web build tools and admin portal. The cloud build tools are particularly slick and it was awesome to see the web app react and update in realtime with CLI builds

Was curious, if possible, to know how the Expo.dev Administrative UI/UX was made. High-level, I figure the Expo team does a lot of dog fooding, so RNW via Expo, react-navigation, reanimated, and so forth. I’m not sure if the UI components were made from scratch with help from Shopify’s restyle, or were customized from off-the-shelf libraries like NativeBase. GraphQL is definitely being used, but the DB and server could be anything (Rails, Node, Postgres, Firebase, etc.), so don’t have strong guesses there.

Definitely don’t have to share anything, but wanted to say I really enjoyed using the UI/UX even though I consider myself a CLI-first person :slightly_smiling_face:. There’s also the docs site expo/docs at main · expo/expo · GitHub which could have been the starting point for the main admin site.

Thanks a lot! We enjoy providing experiences that developers love.

In response to your question, our website is mostly custom code. We don’t rely on any UI kits or navigation libraries for our website, but here are the most notable parts of our frontend stack:

  • React w/NextJS for SSR and routing
  • Emotion for CSS-in-JS styling
  • Apollo for managing GraphQL requests to our API server
  • TypeScript for more reliable code

For our backend, we use:

  • TypeScript on NodeJS
  • Koa
  • Apollo Server
  • Postgres
  • A custom-built Entity Framework/ORM

Thanks for using Expo, and happy coding!

– Juwan

Thanks much, Juwan!

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