expo-dev-client, expo-updates and channel name

Hi, I have created a dev client and I want to test different configurations based on channel name

To get current channel name I use

import * as Updates from "expo-updates"

and later Updates.channel but it’s always empty (despite I am loading an update built on a branch / associated to a channel with the same name)

Can we get current channel with expo-dev-client ?

I have tried to create a developmentClient with a profile and a channel but It’s still empty

what are you hoping to accomplish by setting a channel in a development build? as far as i know, there is never a need to include a channel in a development build, since it loads development servers, or it can load the latest update on any channel or a specific update with an update id.

In fact, the goal is to be able to test quickly in a preproduction environnement in a stabilisation phase: in dev client it’s very easy to load a new update on a channel (once logged it’s listed in extensions tab) and make comparisons. So we make many eas update --branch ... but env variables are sometimes forgotten so we loose time (and there is a confusion with eas build where env variables are read in eas.json so --profile is sufficient to have good configuration). In the past I have used releaseChannel to determine which configuration the app must use according to releaseChannel, I wanted to do the same thing : even if you can override with env vars, by default there is a configuration by environnement in the code according to the channel (production, preproduction …)

To sum up, it would be very convenient if we could have

eas update --profile preproduction to map eas build --profile preproduction (as profile contains channel + env vars)