Expo Data Messages


I’m wondering if Expo has a way to handle data messages without needing to detach? I also just want to make clear that i am not talking about push notifications. This would simply be data sent to the app.

The app we are making will work along side with our web application and when something is done on web app (ex: the user changes an account setting) a call is made to our server and from there we want to be able to send that information back to the app. At the moment this is only used in one spot when initially setting up the app and at first we tried using a push notification for this. However we got rejected by apple because push notifications can’t be required for the app to function (Apple Guidelines 4.5.4).

I realize this can be done by detaching and using fcm but besides this the app is very simple and i would just prefer not to detach at this time. Is this something that expo can do?


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