expo-crypto get different md5 & sha* hash from react-native-fs

  1. SDK Version: 38 (“expo”: “~38.0.8”,)
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android (others not tested yet)

I need to get SHA1 or SHA256 to check a device camera roll image sent to OneDrive cloud.

expo-file-system provides a md5 hash via (FileSystem.getInfoAsAsync({md5: true}) for a 2KB jpeg image.

Using react-native-fs (hash method), I got the same expo-file-system md5 digest
react-native-fs.hash also gets same OneDrive API sha1.

When I try to get same md5 and sha1 using expo-crypto, it returns different HEX values.

Example of use:

const _pickImage = async () => {
        try {
            let result = await ImagePicker.launchImageLibraryAsync({
                mediaTypes: ImagePicker.MediaTypeOptions.All,
                base64: true
            if (result) {
                const digest = await Crypto.digestStringAsync(
                    { encoding: CryptoEncoding.HEX }
                console.log("picker.digest=", digest);
        } catch (error) {


It looks to me like you are calculating the MD5 hash of the Base64-encoded image instead of the image itself.

Thanks for replying.

I tried Base64.atob, but it didn’t return the correct md5.

const digest = await Crypto.digestStringAsync(
{ encoding: CryptoEncoding.HEX }

result.base64 contains no prefix (e.g. ’ data:image/png;base64,’), just image base64 data.
Neither Base64.btoa(b64toBlob(result.base64)) nor Blob data (using fetch().blob() and FileReader().readAsText) has worked as well.

I didn’t find how to get raw image data from expo components or decode base64. Another approach?

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