expo config plugins list

Need to naintain a list of config based plugins, the idea is most of the plugins out there are commonly used among dev’s, So making a list plugin compatible with expo config plugins will help the community in a long way

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Expo Config Based Plugins list

NFC Manager
Read this first

We’ll add the supported list to https://reactnative.directory after we release Expo Dev Clients and have a completed workflow for most managed users to migrate to. Related tweet.

Right now, the supported packages I know of are @react-native-mapbox-gl/maps, react-native-health, @react-native-voice/voice, @stripe/react-native-stripe, and react-native-nfc-manager (like you mentioned). PRs are open for react-native-ble-plx and react-native-webrtc (I’ve also reached out to their respective maintainers).

Some popular packages like realm, react-native-mmkv, react-native-blurhash, @react-native-community/blur, react-native-date-picker, react-native-fast-image, @react-native-menu/menu, react-native-settings, react-native-text-input-mask, react-native-video, and react-native-youtube just work without a plugin.

Some external plugins also exist like with-rn-firebase, or @config-plugins/detox.


Thanks for the info