expo config plugin for react-native-image-crop-picker

Hey :slight_smile:
I’m working on a config plugin for react-native-image-crop-picker: with-rn-image-crop-picker.
Since it is my first public expo project, please be considerate with mistakes or bad style.

It’s already working on iOS.

Help is gladly accepted!

Hi @mwegener-com

Great :slight_smile: The world can definitely do with more Config Plugins!

You should generally not add node_modules or things like .DS_Store to Git. I see you actually have them in your .gitignore file, but they’re in the repository nevertheless. Oh, the same goes for .vscode.

You could run rm -r --cached node_modules .DS_Store and then commit to get rid of them from future commits.

You should also add a license to your project or else it’s legally problematic for people to use it. A common one to use is the MIT license, but see also Licensing a repository - GitHub Docs

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Can anyone help me with the “no homepage found” issue?

That’s just talking about the "homepage" key in your package.json. Maybe compare your package.json with e.g. node_modules/expo/package.json or one of the other package.json files under node_modules.

EDIT: hmmm… I see you already have a “homepage” defined in your package.json. Then I don’t know.

Another thing: I see you have set up the project for TypeScript, but there’s no actual TypeScript code. Also you have a build directory, but I would also expect to see a src directory. (Some people would not even check in the build directory, but e.g. the Expo project does check in the build directory.)

Assuming you do actually have a src directory that is compiled to produce the contents of the build directory, you should also add that to Git so that any contributors can work on the original source code instead of patching the build stuff.

There is the index.ts where I have my typescript code. For now I haven’t used a separate src directory.

:man_facepalming: Sorry, I did not see that.