'expo' command not found

I installed the expo on linux mint 20.1 xfce and after turning off the notebook when turning on the notebook the expo gave this error “Command expo not found”, before shutting down the notebook the expo was working normally. help?

perhaps try reinstalling expo globally? Take a careful look here.

I installed the expo using npm install --global expo-cli and it was successfully installed

yes, I understand. But sometimes if you run the same command again it can somehow fix oddities. I’m not sure how but it’s worked for me in the past. Or sometimes just running npm i helps because then it will re-install all dependencies in your package.json. Hope that helps. Good luck! :desktop_computer:

Hey @lpotech, are you still encountering this issue? Also, are you using NVM (node version manager)?


Hi, I’m having the same issue but I’m on a different OS. I made a thread about it


I suspect npm installed it under .npm-global in your home directory instead of somewhere that is in your PATH. Did you by any chance run something like the following after installing it and before rebooting?

$ export PATH=/home/lpotech/.npm-global/bin:$PATH

If so, that is a temporary change. It is not saved anywhere. So if you close your terminal window or reboot etc. and open your terminal again, the expo command will no longer be in your PATH and your shell will not be able to find it.

You can see where it was installed by running npm -g bin which on my machine returns the following:

$ npm -g bin

If you make sure that the directory it prints out is in your PATH then your shell will be able to find it.

Here are some other posts about this problem:


Let us know if the above gets you going :slight_smile:

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