Expo client doesn't work on phone after some pause in use.

I have used CRNA with expo about 2 months and everything was ok. But after some pause, today I noticed that it doesn’t work more.
May be it’s because I have updated my OS Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 ?

After npm start in console all it’s ok packager is running. But on the phone there is an error:

uncaught Error: Packager is not running at
In browser on laptop this address are working. And port :19000 too. But on the phone not working both addresses.

On other phone there are other message in expo:

Uncaught Error: java.net.NoRouteToHostException: No route to host
And when I put ip address in browser, it works and get this information:


And I suppose it is good to notice, at morning I created new app from the scratch and it was working several minutes until I have made first changes. But then appeared this Error and no one app works after that…

I cant understand what caused this problem. I reloaded laptop, phone. Reinstalled CRNA, cleared packager cache - and everything doesn’t work.

Today at work, in the office, it works… What is the reason? Any ideas?

Since you aren’t able to access those addresses from the phone and it sounds like things are better when you change locations, I’m guessing this may be a network issue.
You might try installing exp (npm i -g exp) and running the project with the tunnel flag. The tunnel will be a little slower, but is more reliable for this kind of thing

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