Expo client does not auto-reload after crash in the middle of code editing

I’m trying out Expo to convert our RN app over. I’m hitting a problem where frequently when I’m editing code, the editor autosaves (with the code in an invalid state) and Expo tries to live reload the app, which ends up in a red screen.

That’s all good - except that after I correct the code and save, Expo never refreshes. I have to manually dismiss the error every time, and sometimes I have to manually dismiss multiple times because of a “bridge” error.

This is a downgrade from the RN experience without Expo and would be disappointing if this is how it always is. Is it possible to get a better experience with Expo? Is it impossible for Expo to trigger a refresh automatically when a red screen is up?

Video here: Dropbox - Expo crashing example.mov - Simplify your life