Expo Client at dev mode runs too slowly recently

Since about March I have been experiencing very very slow performance of my app only at dev mode. Of course I know that dev mode can be slower than production mode maybe two or three times. But now, it is about tens of time slower and it gets more slower as I use my app with Expo client. Expo client on Android phones suffer more bad performance.

As soon as I change to production mode with expo start -c --no-dev, performance is normal. (I usually run dev mode with expo start -c --dev --no-minify, or sometimes press d)

This could be caused by some bug of my App. If I git to previous version, which I released in Feb, when I didn’t experience this, show very bad performance with current Expo Client. So, I think root cause is not within my app.

My app has been using Expo v32.0.0 since Jan 2019, and use react-native-maps, redux, etc. I tried to use recent version of expo-cli, but it was not relevant.

Recent version of Expo client is release at Feb. 11. So, it is weird that I began experiencing this issue in March ( I am not sure it was early March or late March). I have been searching for this forum and internet to find similar issues but failed. Is there anybody experiencing this issue? I would appreciate if somebody give me any clue.

@herbertlim Is this better for you in Expo v33? My app on android seems quite slower since upgrading to Expo v33.

Sorry for too late reply. Yes, after upgrading to Expo v33, this issue disappeared.

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