Expo Client App - Shake / Two Finger Gesture Enquiry

Hello Team,

I am using Expo to throw together a quick little fun app for my son, to which the goal was rather clean and simple.

Expo app with my app loaded,
iOS Accessibility ‘Locked’ to Expo
AirPlay to TV (Immersion, of course!)

The app itself is rather simple. Just some drag-able elements, colors, etc. To be honest; the app came together extremely quickly, until my son pointed out a huge flaw in my idea. The Shake Gesture. (Or two finger)

All other input is restricted at the accessibility level. But it seems this gesture will always be interpreted by Expo. Searches abroad, and in these forums, didn’t really show up anything specific.

I’m not sure what the ideal alternative would be - but I appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your effort and time!

Edited: To include two finger gesture.