Expo Client App force closes on mobile device after manual reloading

I am having a weird issue with the Expo Client App when running my project. When I am running my app using the Expo Client App and am making any markup/changes, when I save my file, the app updates automatically using the ‘hot reloading’ feature. However, whenever I try to manually reload/rebuild the app by shaking my device and choosing ‘Reload’ from the developer menu, it force closes the Expo Client App on my device, and I have to reopen the Client App on my device and manually select my project to get it to build and run again. It also doesn’t seem to be providing any error messages in the Metro Bundler or my terminal, so I’ve been unsure what the issue could be. This is happening across multiple devices. I am using Expo SDK 37.0 in my project and am running my Expo App in Tunnel mode. Across my mobile devices (iPhone XS Max and iPad Air), I am running the Expo Client App 2.15.2. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, as this is frustrating and inconvenient to have to reopen the Client App and rebuild my project every time I have to reload!