expo-cli withDefaultPlugins possibly causing conflict on Expo Dev Client

Hi all,

I get this error on Android with Expo Dev Client: Didn't find class "com.facebook.CustomTabActivity" on .... This issue is covered in the authentication guide and is related to expo-facebook, but I don’t have this lib installed in my project.

As I understand the problem here is because the expo-facebook plugin is added by default by expo-cli throug withDefaultPlugins.

As a solution, the only way out I’m seeing is to write a plugin (something like withoutFacebook ) that makes the changes proposed in the authentication guide, but it seems like a bad solution.

Does my reasoning make sense? What I imagine as an ideal solution would be withDefaultPlugins to be dynamic.


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What does your package.json look like, and your app.json? The CustomTabActivity isn’t added when running prebuild on my project which doesn’t have expo-facebook as a dependency and app.json doesn’t contain any facebook-specific keys

I have facebookScheme in app.config.js and expo-auth-session in package.json. When I run the Expo:Preview modifier > android.manifest, it shows CustomTabActivity. If I remove facebookScheme I get wrong URL in auth process.

I rebuild with expo-facebook added and the error Can't find class" com.facebook.CustomTabActivity "on ... doesn’t happen, but the browser screen freezes to a blank screen.

After you mentioned that you don’t have facebook-specific keys in app.json, I saw that when removing facebookScheme the CustomTabActivity disappears, so I used the EAS Hook and now it’s working as it should! Would this be the right approach?

My package.json:

"scripts": {
  "eas-build-post-install": "npx uri-scheme add fb$FACEBOOK_CLIENT_ID",

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