expo-cli start builds another react native project on my computer.

I have been working on a new react native project with no issues and went back to open an old unfinished project but found that it kept opening the new one id been just working on. I went and started a new project with create-react-native-app and started this project without making any changes and the other project still opens up. I am using the latest version of expo-cli (3.0.10)

Caching problems?

I assume you are pointing the terminal at the correct folder?

Yes I am pointing it to the correct folder.

It sounds like it is a caching problem and I think it had stopped for now. But if it comes back what could I do to stop it?

When starting expo: expo start -c

Once you’re in, press ? to view list of commands. I think r or shift-r may be of interest.

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