Expo Cli + SQL + Firebase

Hi, We are building an app (using expo cli) on top of a SQL database. Could anyone please help me understand what are my limitations if I want to integrate it with Firebase? I am very new to Firebase and from the business side. Hence been struggling to get clarity as most of the articles get technical almost immediately. Thanks.

Submitting the response received from Firebase support team. I hope it helps the community.

Question: “Do I need to be necessarily on a “NoSQL database” to use Firebase engagement features like in-app messaging, Predictions, Crashlytics, GA4 etc? (ref: Firebase Products)”

Feedback: "… the NoSQL database you may be referring to are either Realtime Database, or [Cloud Firestore], both services of this kind separately offered by Firebase.

To answer your question, using Engage services like Analytics and Cloud Messaging do not require the use of either NoSQL database service as all of their respective functions and features are separate from one another. To give an idea by being specific to one service as an example, Analytics doesn’t require a NoSQL database because there’s a built-in way to store its data. With that, you can use any services required from your end without enabling other services, unless it is indicated in the setup guides from our official docs…"