Expo Cli Android version keeps loading old JS bundle, kill and restart leads to same behavior

My Expo Cli Android keeps loading old JS bundle,which looks like a cached version on the app(it can open this version even under Airplane mode on my phone).

Save on js files won’t trigger live reloading on the app and I can’t even open the dev menu of the app. No progress bar under the splash screen, it shows the splash screen for a split second and goes right into the old app.

This behavior only exists on Android real machine, on IOS simulator/iPhone Expo works perfectly. I did not try it on Android Emulator.

This behavior is unstable, means some time live reloading works, but most of the time it does not. Kill the app and expo and restart both did not help, use SHIFT + R to clear cache or add -c command on init did not help. Yesterday I have tried for hours using combinations of different settings and procedures to make it work but it didn’t.

I have been searching solution in the forum for several days and none of the fixes helped due to most fixes targets published apps (like change something is manifest which I don’t even have the file) and mine is still in developing.

My exp version is the latest exp@57.2.1, use expo cli (command line expo start -c), Expo app version 2.9.2, SDK version 31.0.0, I d like to provide any further info.

Hey @leonyhenn,

Can you try going into your device’s settings and clearing the app data and app cache for the Expo Client?



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Hi, thanks for advice! I did tons of googleing and turned off auto backup on my android, the problem goes away for now, that seems like the fix.

Awesome. Glad to hear you got it fixed, @leonyhenn.

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