Expo-checkbox + React-hook-form, how do a simulate a "label" tag?

Target: Users should be capable of checking the checkbox by touching the text next to it

Well, without react hook form It was easy to simulate a “label” tag like in HTML, using inPress and the state with de checkbox´s value

But now I have to wrap the label and the checkbox into the “Controller” component from react-hook-form and it´s how it has to look to work

          render={({ field: { onChange, value } }) => (
            <TouchableOpacity style={styles.checkboxWrapper}>
                onValueChange={(value) => onChange(value)}
                <Text style={styles.checkboxLabel}>
                  Actualmente trabajo en este rol

I can´t pass my state to value and onValueChange. I sow a chance of make it work but I would need to pass a “ref” to the checkbox and there is no a prop for that right now

I dont see other way of making it work

something else, it´s the correct category for this question?