Expo - cannot load application

Hi all,

I’ve encountered this problem about an hour ago where I cannot load react-native application using both Expo XDE and exp cli. After the initial loading stage, it’s just stuck on white page with a message ‘Building Javascript bundle…99.92%’.

There is no error message in the terminal and it says ‘Building JavaScript bundle: finished in 41290ms.’. In case I have an error in my own code, I’ve created a new project using Expo XDE but Expo is failing to load the new application as well.

I’ve also tried to open the application with 3 different devices, in case it’s a device specific problem but no luck here.

I don’t see any release or update but considering it used to work until an hour ago, has there been any release or update that can cause this issue ? If not, can anyone help me to resolve the issue ?

Thank you and looking forward to getting help from someone :slight_smile:

Edit1: Trying to open using QR code and newly created react-native application is stuck at ‘Building Javacsript bundle … 100.00%’

ah this was a network issue. Laptop with ethernet cable plugged in was working fine so I assumed wifi is working but it wasn’t