Expo Camerja fails as standalone app

Please see this video: https://youtu.be/Yjle11cySxw

This video demonstrates Expo’s own Camerja app failing to detect faces when run as a standalone app.

This was recorded with iOS 11.2.1 on an iPhone 7 plus.

The test was reproduced on an:

  • iPad 2 on 10.3.3
  • iPhone 7+ on 11.2.1
  • iPhone X on 11.2.1

The code remains unchanged with the exception of app.json which indicates SDK 24 and an app icon compatible with Apple’s requirements for submission.

It can be found here: https://expo.io/@evanrs/camerja

I have submitted the app TestFlight for external testing. Leave a comment if you’d like to test the standalone app yourself.

We don’t include the Face Detector module in our standalone apps right now. The same is true for ARKit. The best way to use it in the app store today would be to detach the project to ExpoKit and then include the FaceDetector subspec. Longer term we’d like to add the ability to opt-in to this module in your standalone build.

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Excellent, thank you for the quick response.

My apologies for missing:

Enabled in Expo Client, but temporarily disabled in standalone apps, similar to ARKit. We are working on opt-in modules in standalone builds to enable it in the future.

Did I miss this in the standalone app documentation as well?

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