Expo Camera open improperly

I use Barcode scanner from expo api. Camera preview sometimes open in different way, but sometimes it doesn’t. Please see the different between these two pictures. Thanks for help!

Hey yimankaing. Sorry the Barcode scanner is giving you trouble. Have you tried setting the ratio prop as shown in the docs here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/camera.html ?

If that doesn’t work, could you post your code for this component and also which expo SDK version you’re using? Thanks!

Hi esamelson, it’s still the same. Let say 10 times of opening camera. I see this issue 3 times.

Can you try using Camera component instead of BarCodeScanner ? The latter is sometimes issuey

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So just add BarCodeScanner prop to Camera and then it will work the same right? I’ll try it out. Thanks for your idea.

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