expo-camera onFacesDetected crash

  1. SDK Version: 45
  2. Platform: Android

We have an app doing an integrated liveness-check that uses the onFacesDetected prop of the expo-camera module. For some devices, the following error appears:


Image dimension, ByteBuffer size and format don’t match. Please check if the ByteBuffer is in the decalred format.

After some research it seems that it has to do something with the ML google vision technology running in the background. So I suspect the fix should be done inside the expo-camera module.

I didn’t even manage to catch that error properly, so right now the app is crashing at that point.
Any update/help/workaround is highly appreciated, as our app is currently in production!

Here is a fix for the bare workflow: [expo-camera & expo-face-detector] App crashing after building. · Issue #5113 · expo/expo · GitHub
Maybe it helps for fixing it for the managed workflow.

I can’t be the only one using the managed workflow experiencing this…

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