Expo camera more zoomed in than default iPhone Camera

When implementing the expo camera, the camera is more zoomed in than default iOS native camera. (Both cameras have zoom of 0 on). Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to have the expo camera be less zoomed than 0?

Hey @brandon_altschool thanks for checking this stuff out!

It would be really cool if you could produce a snack for this? You can make a snack by going to https://snack.expo.io, there we can reproduce for ourselves and compare.

@jimmylee here’s my snack:


It’s pretty straight forward (just renders the expo-camera component).

If you run that code, and then switch to the ios native camera, you’ll notice that the ios native camera is more zoomed out than the expo camera. Both cameras have zoom of 0.

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@brandon_altschool thanks for noticing this! Can you create a github issue linking to that snack?

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@jesse no probs, here is the github issue: https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/1527

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