expo-camera and GPS location


I am using expo version 37

I would like to access GPS data from a photo taken using takePictureAsync.
I cannot find any reference to GPS data (also in the expo documentation). Any suggestion?

Thank you

I have a similar issue.

For case of android,

I think addExifData() may not work as expected. It does not add gps lat-long when set options in takePictureAsync ( Exif: true ).

When Exif is set, other ExifMetadata are attached to captured-image except gps lat-long.

I have tried to modify CameraViewHelper.java locally but not successful. I’m not sure whether Expo will compile this expo-camera module using local on my computer or standard one.

someone may have to check inside

  • expo-camera module
  • expo/CameraViewHelper.java
  • addExifData()


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