Expo Builds Hanging on Queued Status for Android

Ran exp build:android on from my local computer this morning, trying to set up an APK for android. No status problems from the command line, but my build seems to be ‘Queued’ on the Builds page for expo.io. No indication that the build is progressing. Is anybody else experiencing problems this morning?

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github was down for a while this morning and that caused a backlog unfortunately. builds should be happening as normal now.


I still have problems with Android build.
I have a build stuck on queue for 30 minutes.

I’m having the same issue. Started a build for Android, realized I made an error and terminated it, and now it is stuck in Queue. I can’t start any new builds because it says I have one in progress.

queue is backed up but build machines are working through them. I made an issue internally about making it so you can cancel builds when they are queued

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