Expo build timeout

I was trying to build an Android apk using expo but is showing me an error:

:bangbang: Timed out.
Timeout reached! Project is taking longer than expected to finish building, aborting wait…

And this is not the first time i have build the apk.

Hello, I am also having this issue, I see here that there is a timeout https://github.com/expo/expo-cli/commit/b62899fdf44e53bc57ac646cd1dc7355a6b7ef47#diff-d61fb05804e8904bd867d3681fccdfa2R16

any idea how I can increase it when runnin expo build:android ?


Are you building the app on Expo’s infrastructure? Or are you using turtle-cli to build it on your own infrastructure?

From your other message it seems you have a CI, so it might make more sense to build the app yourself using turtle-cli. There’s also a possibility to sign up for the Priority Plan to get priority access to Expo’s build infrastructure.

The “aborting wait” message means that the expo CLI client has given up waiting. Not that the build has timed out. The build status is still available at the URL printed out by expo build:* so I think you should be able to watch that URL instead of wait for the expo build:* command to exit. You need to check the URL anyway to get the download link.

EDIT: I have now discovered the expo url:* commands :slight_smile: but my comments about turtle-cli and the priority plan still apply.

Thinking about this some more, I suppose there should be no problem increasing the timeout because this just affects how long the CLI waits for the build. What you could do is fork the expo-cli repository and make the change yourself. Then run the locally built expo command instead of npx expo.

You could also post a feature request asking for the timeout to be configurable.

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Yes I am building on expo infrastructure. I will let move to turtle-cli.

Thanks for the fork option, I will definitly do that if it persist that’s an excellent idea. If you also support it, please upvote : https://github.com/expo/expo-cli/edit/master/packages/expo-cli/src/commands/build-native/utils.ts

I have published a fix for this, it can be tested with:

npm i --save-dev @yeutech-lab/expo-cli@3.11.3-fix-1405.2
expo-fix-1405 build

Thank you! This was a big help.