Expo Build (standalone apk) shifts view a few pixels up

Here’s what I’m experiencing: When debugging and testing my React-Native App via Expo app, everything is working as expected. When I build an apk, that’s when the views are shifting (see screenshots):

[View with map running on Expo App] VS [View with map on Standalone apk]

As you can see, the view shifts upward a few pixels.

More Screenshots: [QR Scan view on Expo App] VS [Same QR Scan View on Standalone apk]

Weirdly enough, only views navigated to suffer from this. The main view (Bottom Tab Home screen) does not suffer from this:
[Home Screen on Expo app] VS [Same Home Screen on Standalone apk]

What I’ve already tried doing:

  1. Updated to latest SDKs (Expo 31/React Native latest… etc.)
  2. Expo Publish (Same result)
  3. Tried hardcoding the view to compensate for the shifting (same results)

Is there something wrong in how I am building the app? Any help would be gladly appreciated.

Thanks! -Ken

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are you using react-native-screens with react-navigation? which version of react-navigation?

also, did you change the react-navigation version when you updated from the previous expo sdk version you were using?

Hi notbrent, really sorry for the late reply. Was able to find a fix already. Stated in this thread:

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