expo build:ios problem (configuring NSBundle :-()

Hi there

Modifying NSBundle configuration at /private/tmp/turtle/4e94ef62-ca07-480b-ac6e-f4826d05bfa0/archive/Release/ExpoKitApp.xcarchive/Products/Applications/ExpoKitApp.app...
Using standalone config: { isShell: true,
  manifestUrl: 'https://expo.io:443/@brocardjr/app-ventus',
  releaseChannel: 'default',
  testEnvironment: 'none' }
Configuring iOS Launch Screen...
Bundling assets...
Compiling resources...
Cleaning up iOS...
Error: Failed to resize image: AppIcon1024x1024.png. (Error: Input file contains unsupported image format)
    at Promise.all.iconResolutions.map (/usr/local/turtle-js/node_modules/@expo/xdl/build/detach/IosIcons.js:133:15)
    at <anonymous>

Hey @brocardjr,

Can you double check that your icon file is a .png and not another file type that has been renamed?


hi @adamjnav how we can do some test or get example png?, i put many files png and dont pass the build generation

maybe a explo-cli version my current version is 2.21.2

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