expo build:ios -c . Standalone build failed!

Hi, I have an error with building app on iOS.
While I was almost done building, there is an error.
I have previously used the command ‘expo fetch:ios:certs’ and then converted the Windows machine to build ‘expo build:ios -c
And the error ‘removed provisioning profile from the home directory’. How you guys can guide me this error?

removed provisioning profile from the home directory is just a cleanup step
the actual error was displayed earlier in logs

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My build ID: 156c428b-254f-43ed-b5db-ca7214d39cd5.
Can you give me advice about this error?

Signing certificate "iPhone Distribution: VUONG NGUYEN VAN (H*********8)", serial number "1*************3", is not valid for code signing. It may have been revoked or expired.

When you ran `expo build:ios -c’ did you provided files manually or did you select “Let expo handle …”?
You need to recreate a distribution certificate (and provisioning profile).

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When I ran ‘expo build:ios’ or ‘expo build:ios -c’ I selected “I will all provides …” then I was provided 3 files(.p8, .p12, .mobileprovision), 1 push key id and 1 push p12 password but error

How can I recreate a distribution cert and provisioning profile? Or I have to build with option “Let expo handle …” , wkozyra?


run expo build:ios -c and select “Let expo handle…”"
you can do this manually on apple developer portal and provide new files to the build command

Why does this option “I will all provides …” got error? And What If I option “Let expo handle …” then I have to do, wkozyra ?

because you provided invalid or expired credentials

If you select "Let expo handle …” you will need to login to apple developer portal and cli will generate new credentials

I don’t also understand. I fetched credentials from expo server with command ‘expo fetch:ios:certs’. Now I am holding many files of credentials. If I option “Let expo handle …” I will have to fetch again from expo server ?

If I option “Let expo handle …” I will have to fetch again from expo server ?

No, you will generate new ones and upload them to expo server

Your previous build failed because those credentials expired or because you made a mistake when providing them to expo-cli (wrong password, wrong file type, …).

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I provided those credentials exactly
You mean when I fetched the credentials from expo server then credentials on it expired?

You mean when I fetched the credentials from expo server then credentials on it expired?

distribution cert and provisioning profile have an expiry date, just check on the apple developer portal whether they are still valid, you can find the serial number in build logs if you have problem with identifying which certificate you were using

OK. Now I get this error:
“Unsupported SDK version: our app builders don’t have support for 33.0.0 version yet. Submitting the app to the Apple App Store may result in an unexpected behaviour
Unsupported SDK version”. Can you explain me?

support for sdk 33 was dropped with release of sdk 37, you need to upgrade to newer sdk preferably the latest one.

Well. Should I upgrade newer or newest SDK?

whatever you prefer
upgrade to sdk34 will be easiest, but we will probably drop it with next sdk, upgrade to sdk37 might require some more changes, but it will be supported for a longer time.

Yeah. How can I upgrade to newest sdk version without any error? Can you guide me step by step?


I suggest upgrading sdk one by one

  • read blog post
  • update command
  • fix places where api changed
  • go to next one

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