Expo build - iOS build error logs - where to find them? Also, how to observe build progress in real-time?

SInce error reporting when running an Expo app iOS is very generic “There was an error with this build”…

i’d like to ask - where does one find the build process error logs for reference of what caused the process to be terminated? Need to know what issue exactly is stopping expo build:ios -c from completion…

Also, a Q - how to observe build progress in real-time? I personally don’t find running exp build:status manually everytime to be a good solution to the problem. Any suggestions on this?

Also, what are the alternatives for someone who can’t get Expo to build? eject the project to native code and then make a IPA build with Xcode?

Any info would be very helpful! Thanks!

Anybody has anything to share on this? It’d be really helpful, not only for me, but the community as well. Thank you!

We are currently working on a way for our users to view their error logs.
Until then if you could send us your build id and we’ll investigate further!

@bacon: when are you planning to release an update that drastically improves this?

i never thought some parts of Expo and its workflow could be so incomplete, making the developer experience, in some cases, a complete nightmare…