Expo build apk issue

Good afternoon everyone , I facing the some problem about the ‘EXPO BUILD’ issue. When I use this command ‘expo build:android -t apk’ build the project to the expo account why will direct affect my current apps version ? I have not upload the ‘APK’ file to my play store.
Has anyone encountered the same problem as me?

Hey @flexirnd, when you run expo build it will also run expo publish. You can avoid this by passing the --no-publish flag to the build command. To better understand how publishing will affect versions of your app, take a look at this part of our docs.


Dear @adamjnav

Thank you for your reply , i will study the document. Thank you very much :grinning: :grinning:

Instead of using the --no-publish flag it might be better to use the --release-channel flag. Release channels are mentioned in the following two documents:

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