Expo build:android produces apk with uncaught error

Hi, After building expo android and producing apk it shows this error displayed in the image

But when using expo app it works perfectly without showing any errors or warnings. What seems to be the problem in here? need help

I did expo start, then ctrl + c, then expo build:android but still produces the same error on apk.

Hey @juncahilig,

Can you share your app.json file? Also, you can try running expo start --no-dev --minify to reproduce the JS bundle that runs in a production environment to see if you can help reproduce the error while in the Client.

Another thing to try is running the .apk file in Android Studio and using adb logcat to get into the device logs as they tend to provide a lot more information.


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I encountered this issue. We were using branch. Expo recently removed branch support (https://blog.expo.io/changes-to-expo-branch-support-d002c4bc564e) from expo 32. I fixed this problem by switching from “expo build:android” to self-hosted turtle-cli pinned to 0.5.15. This was not a trivial change, but I couldn’t find a workaround that didn’t involve removing branch.


Here’s a sampe of our app.json file,

    "expo": {
        "name": "SampleAppIsSimplel",
        "description": "Bringing simple",
        "slug": "simple-app",
        "privacy": "public",
        "sdkVersion": "32.0.0",
        "platforms": ["ios", "android"],
        "version": "1.2.2",
        "orientation": "portrait",
        "icon": "./assets/img/icon.png",
        "scheme": "simple",
        "splash": {
            "image": "./assets/img/splash.png",
            "resizeMode": "contain",
            "backgroundColor": "#ffffff"
        "notification": {
            "icon": "./assets/img/push-notification-icon.png",
            "color": "#36A3F7"
        "updates": {
            "fallbackToCacheTimeout": 0
        "assetBundlePatterns": ["**/*"],
        "ios": {
            "bundleIdentifier": "com.simple.sample",
            "supportsTablet": true,
            "config": {
                "branch": {
                    "apiKey": "key_live_joUmJ12lasdasdasdeyqgfs"
        "android": {
            "package": "com.simple.sample",
            "versionCode": 14,
            "config": {
                "branch": {
                    "apiKey": "key_live_joUmJ12lasdasdasdeyqgfs"

Thanks for your response, I’m testing my apk on android studio. I guess this error occurs because of the Google Play Privacy Policies and expo changes on expo build:android. I’m also reading the Changes to Expo Branch Support blogpost too. I’ll give results after doing the suggestions. We have a question though, We’re using standalone expo app and branch module too, what expokit version can we use for branch module to work efficiently for now?

Thanks for the link, although our app needs the branch module and we’re using expokit, so removing it(branch) won’t do. Sad…

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