expo build:android never updates the generated manifest

I having issue with the build of my app and it’s preventing me from updating it on the Google Play Store right now.

It seems no matter what I do, it always generates the same manifest. In my build pipeline, I will, on each build, replace the version to append it with the build number. I do this for both version and android.versionCode. I can see the build number in my Jenkins console and I can also see that the app.json file has the correct versions, but somehow, Expo still reports an old version in the build output.

My builds don’t fail, but it is preventing me from updating my app since the store will refuse the new AAB, saying that version is already uploaded…

Since I can only put a single image in a post, here’s an album of three screenshots.

  1. First is the Jenkins output of the version that gets injected into app.json.
  2. Second is the app.json in my Jenkins job’s workspace after the build has been sent to Expo.
  3. Third is the output on Expo’s console. Notice that the version is still

I’m really not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

Thank you for any help you might provide.

I was digging a bit more and found this post App.json version doesn't seem to update that helped me figure out my issue. It was indeed that I was using --no-publish.

I find it pretty weird that setting --no-publish also means my app isn’t getting rebuilt. Maybe it would be beneficial to explain this better in the CLI’s help.

Anyway, hope it helps future devs struggling with this issue!

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