Expo breaks when using Camera and ImagePicker at the same time

Hey guys i’m building an application that use both Camera and ImagePicker. I’ve noticed that if i have Camera open once, and use ImagePicker. When i resolve the ImagePicker the application crashes due to unable to reclaim camera access. The error message from adb logcat says its not able to obtain camerav2 api, because a client with higher priority is using it. And I am unable to close the Camera module, once the camera is mounted is once.

This issue does not happen on iOS 11, and Huawei P9 Android 7.0,
but crashes on Nexus 6P Android 8.0 and BLU Vivo XL Android 6.5.

Here is a snack for you to test it out

Let’s move the conversation to https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/870