Expo branch only supported in stand alone version

Since SDK 35 I am unable to run my managed app on the expo client if I am importing expo-branch. I have read that expo-branch is only supported in the standalone version. Does that mean that I need to eject my app or is there a way I can conditionally import this library when I push to the app store?

Same here. I reintroduced Branch into my project as I was upgrading to Expo 35 (it was one of the motivations for me to upgrade from Expo 34). When I open my project in the Expo client I get the following error:

null is not an object (evaluating 'RNBranch.STANDARD_EVENT_ADD_TO_CART')

If I remove the Branch import (i.e. import Branch from 'expo-branch') statement, the project opens fine.

Hey all,

Have you run expo install expo-branch and can you make sure you’re importing it via import Branch, {BranchEvent} from 'expo-branch'


Sorry for the late reply (didn’t have notifications turned on for this thread). Yes, I had previously run expo install expo-branch. It had added version ~1.0.2 to my package.json.

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