expo-branch in managed app does not work

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  1. SDK Version: 43
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/iOS
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Has anyone ever been able to get expo-branch to work in managed app?
No matter what I do, the incoming bundle.params do not have anything I pass into branchUniversalObject.
Closely followed the documentation Branch - Expo Documentation and at this point not sure what else can I try – I’m not really doing anything fancy. Im I missing something?

It was actually working for me before I moved to eas build. Moving to eas build I had to switch from app.json to app.config.js. Wondering if this change has anything to do with it?

So, my question is, has anyone ever been able to get expo-branch to work with eas build for managed app?

Trying to upgrade to sdk 44 to see if it helps.

It did not help :frowning:

Hi @dmitryame

There’s no inherent need to switch to app.config.js when switching to eas build, but that should also not cause a problem.

I have never used Branch, so can’t answer that question.

How are you running the app? Is it a custom dev client or a standalone/production app?

It’s a standalone/production app. According to documentation (and I can confirm that) branch expo is not going to work in dev client.

As per the documentation it won’t work in Expo Go, but are you sure it won’t work in a dev client?

It’s not clear to me from the docs how it should work with EAS Build. You might need to use react-native-branch-deep-linking-attribution like in the bare workflow instead of expo-branch.

But then you’ll likely need a config plugin.

expo-branch isn’t supported on the new build system - eas build. see feat: create react-native-branch plugin by giautm · Pull Request #28 · expo/config-plugins · GitHub for a config plugin in progress to add support for react-native-branch

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This is great news, thanks for sharing! Any ETA for when should we expect this new feature to be available?

Any chance of becoming an early beta tester of branch on new build system?
I know, it may be a silly question, but, I don’t consider myself expert expo user – I’d need some instructions.
My current app is broken already anyways (after upgrading to new eas build) and, instead of going back to the old way, my preference would be to participate in testing (or help any possible way i can).

I just rolled back to the classic build from the eas and expo-branch started to work again as expected (according to the published documentation).
Excuse my ignorance, isn’t eas supposed to make it easier to use 3rd party’s (and more stable too). I understand that eas conceptually is very different, but, branch is intricate piece for many projects. Should we expect at least some documentation update (warning banners or something) for something like branch when major expo update happens which includes breaking changes? BTW, the eas build with expo-branch crashes android app. I wish I knew all this ahead of time – I ended up with crippled ios app and crashing android app in prod for over a week until I rolled back. For me personally – not a big deal, my app is not a very high volume, and all my users are very loyal (no matter what). I also do not have resources to re-test every single feature with every release, I chose expo so that things just work out of the box.
Can someone on expo team provide some roadmap (or something) , what is the plan to address branch support going forward? Much appreciate any any additional sharing from the expo team.

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