Expo Bare Workflow + OneSignal Installation

Hi all!

I’ve recently completed the installation process for integrating OneSignal into my Expo bare workflow project. However, I’m being presented with the following warning.

I’m wondering if anyone has faced a similar issue where you’re continuing to use Expo Notifications in addition to the newly installed OneSignal library. How did you navigate this issue and warning?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

out of curiosity, what is the purpose of using expo-notifications alongside onesignal?

you can follow the instructions in the warning to resolve the issue :slight_smile:

Hey Brent–thanks for the quick response!

I’m using expo-notifications for local notifications. However, I installed one-signal for more rich notifications, metrics, and analytics. Before installing one-signal, I didn’t know that I would have to choose one service.

Typically, am I allowed to use both services (expo-notifications for local and one-signal for remote) or do I have to choose only one?

Thank you!

you should be able to use them together, although i do not personally have experience with this, the text in the warning message describes what you need to do. if you are unable to get it working, let us know and maybe @charliecruzan can give you some advice

I see. I’ll have to do a bit of investigating since I don’t have much experience with Swift/Objective-C code and working with delegates.

Thanks for update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same info.

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The Expo Bare Workflow, Expo Local Notifications, and OneSignal do work together. Of course, warnings don’t prevent your app from running. However, it seems that the warning cautions you that using Expo for remote notifications and OneSignal for remote notification will be in conflict together. I’ve tested it in a production application and it all works well.

The following is some quick background information about my use-case and the reasons I decided to eject and use OneSignal.

  • Initially, I was using Expo Local Notifications to schedule future alerts regarding calendar events to a user.
  • I needed to integrate remote notifications to alert users when other users joined a calendar event. However, I wanted more control, customization, and features beyond what Expo offered for remote notifications. I decided to eject and install OneSignal, having only used Expo Notifications for local notifications.

TLDR: If you’re hoping to use OneSignal (for remote notifications) with an Expo Bare Workflow project with Expo Notifications (for local notifications only, because OneSignal does not offer local notifications in a convenient way), you can do so–just ignore the warning and go about your day.

Please, do monitor the behavior of having both libraries coexisting as Expo and OneSignal update their SDK. However, at the moment with Expo SDK v40 and OneSignal v4.0.3, everything seems to work smoothly.

Thanks again for the help everyone @notbrent and hope that anyone else that comes across this fairs well.