expo Barcode Scanner torchMode prop not working on sdk 30

Hi, migrated from sdk 28 to 30 some days ago but only now realised that the torchMode prop is doing nothing in the barcode scanner component. Used to work really nice on ios and android. Did you drop support for that or am I missing something? Cheers.

Is there a way to bring this back anyhow? It was really useful to have this since our app deals with engineers servicing equipment and very often they are in poor visibility places where they have to scan the equipment barcode. Please help.

Hello @joaopiopedreira, BarCodeScanner is no longer respecting torchMode or any other prop that is not directly related to barcode scanning.
If you would like to use torch or other camera-related things use Camera component and connect it with BarCodeScanner component.
See here and here.

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Hi @barthec, thank you for the advise. I think that will work. When you say " connect Camera with BarCodeScanner component." do you mean something in particular? Or are you just recommending that I use Camera instead of BarCodeScanner?

@joaopiopedreira, yeah precisely :wink:

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