expo-barcode-scanner reloading the app (apk build)

Hi there !

I am building an .apk app on SDK 37.0 using expo-barcode-scanner.
When testing using the expo client, it worked just fine scanning barcodes. But recently i tried to build the app (using expo build:android).
The build went fine and when testing the actual app, the problem happened :
The components opens but when it actually recognizes a code, it will crash, but no errors are logged. Again, the testing on the expo client do not show any error.
Does anyone have any ideas ? (i am doing an Alert.alert() with the scanned code for testing, it still crashes)

Hey @no2, I would recommend following our debugging guide to help get to the bottom of what might be causing the crash. See: https://docs.expo.io/workflow/debugging/#my-production-app-is-crashing


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