Expo Azure Authentication - redirect URI

“expo”: “~47.0.12”
“expo-auth-session”: “~3.8.0”,

For Android and iOS.

Hi, I have question regarding redirect URI settings in Azure. According to expo AuthSession I need to paste this https://auth.expo.io/@your-username/your-app-slug as my redirect uri in azure. Problem is that for iOS app, redirect URI is semi hardcoded, and the only thing I can change is the bundle ID that is part of generated URI. On Android is the same situation, but there URI consists of package name and signature hash. So I dont understand how can I paste this URI from AuthSession docs.

Only thing that is possible is not to choose And or iOS app, but Web app, cause there I can paste completely custom URI. Is that the solution and right thing to do?

If someone has experience and answer this thank you very much cause I really need solution.

Update: I pasted redirect URI (from AuthSession docs) in web section, but it’s not working…

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