expo-av support for streaming videos

Hi, Can somebody help me to confirm if Expo AV npm package supports Adaptive Video Streaming for HLS Format. I loaded an m3u8 URL and the video continued to play at the lowest quality stream. We have generated multiple quality videos at different bit rates.

Hey @jitenshah, I’m inclined to say that the Video module does not support Adaptive Streaming but let me bring this up internally to be certain.


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@jitenshah expo-av builds upon the default AVQueuePlayer behaviour in iOS and does not support any of its media-selection API’s. Which I think is what you are referring to. The AVPlayer class has a property appliesMediaSelectionCriteriaAutomatically which is set to YES by default. If this doesn’t change your stream automatically then you probably need to control the media-selection criteria explicitly. Unfortunately expo-av doesn’t support those advanced API’s, so the answer would be no.